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Santa Cop is an event the PPD has been coordinating for unfortunate children in our community for 23 years. The officers and staff collect monetary donations, as well as, hold community fundraisers throughout October, November and December to purchase toys and supplies for this event. The officers also go out during these months and host toy drives at local establishments throughout town. Several local businesses and organizations graciously donate food and drinks as well. Santa Cop is scheduled in mid-December and is held at the Memorial Building. Children from the community come out and enjoy an afternoon of fun with the PPD and SO staff, who have generously donated their time to help out. Santa Clause is present to hand out gifts and take pictures. There are also refreshments and sleigh rides for the kids to enjoy.

Our mission is to provide Christmas presents to less fortunate kids in our community. This year was an absolute success, Santa Cop provided over five hundred children with a goody bag, lunch, hot chocolate, cookies and a gift from Santa Clause.


The Portales Police Department celebrated its 27th year of the Adopt-A-Cop community outreach program. Each 2nd grade class had an officer that they “adopted” for the year who came into the classroom and shared lessons, experiences, and sometimes lunch with the students. At the end of the year all 12 classrooms participated in the Adopt-A-Cop Olympics for a day of fun in the park. This program continues to increase the number of positive contacts with officers and community youths.

Charlie Walk in their shoes
“A Walk in Their Shoes,” which provides shoes to Portales school students in need of new footwear. The money for the shoes is provided by private donations, Smart said. School teachers identify children in need and notify police, who give shoes to those in need. Only teachers are allowed to recommend students for shoe program and it is run in conjunction with the teachers and police officers who notice a child in need of shoes. The police department is raising funds year round. Anyone wanting to make donations can contact the Police Department.

The best way to safely dispose of most types of unused or expired medicines!

Medicine take back options are the best way to safely dispose of unused or expired prescription and nonprescription (for example, over the counter) medicines. Before disposing of prescription medicines, be sure to remove all personal information on pill bottle labels and medicine packaging.  All of your medicines dropped off at the take back locations will be destroyed.

There are generally two kinds of take back options:

  • Permanent collection sites - The Portales Police Department has a drop off box in the lobby of the Police Station. External Link Disclaimer
  • Periodic take back events - These are events are inline with the DEA events twice a year.

Note that all medicines dropped off at these locations will be destroyed.