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City Ordinance #582 requires that all businesses apply for and obtain a business registration prior to engaging in business.

  1. In order to obtain a Business Registration, you must first have a New Mexico State Tax Identification Number (a.k.a. CRS number) & proof of identification (driver's license or picture id). If you have not applied for a CRS number, please ask us for an application or contact the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department for a CRS Number
  2. Read, complete, and sign the Business Registration Application. NOTE: It is the Applicant's responsibility to meet all requirements on the application including all necessary governmental department approvals. No application will be accepted until all of the information and department approvals are completed and signed. Only if you are serving food will the EID signature be required.
  3. After completing all the above, return the completed application along with your proof of identification (driver's license or picture id) to our office.
  4. The Business Registration fee is $35.00 per year, unless business is begun during the year, in which the fee will be prorated. Please make checks payable to: The City of Portales. All business registration fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
  5. Once your business has been registered you will receive a renewal application in January of each year.

If the business is relocated or the type of business is significantly changed a new Business Registration Application must be completed before the current registration expires, and a ten dollar ($10.00) administrative fee shall be paid. Each outlet, branch or location must obtain a separate Business Registration.

For more information email P& or call (575) 356-8449.