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The Agenda and Minutes are located below in the drop down boxes by year. Each section holds Agenda and Minutes in date order from the newest date to the oldest date. Agendas will be posted prior to the City Council meetings in compliance with the The “Open Meetings Act,” NMSA 1978, and the Minutes will be posted following City Council Approval. 

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2022 Agendas & Minutes57 documents

2022 Agendas36 documents

  • 11-15-2022
    document Header 11-15-2022
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 11-01-2022
    document Header 11-01-2022
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-20-2022
    document Header 10-20-2022
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-04-2022
    document Header 10-04-2022
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 09-20-2022
    document Header 09-20-2022
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 09-13-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum - Community Meeting
    document Header 09-13-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum - Community Meeting
    Discuss insights to update the City's Comprehensive Plan
  • 09-06-2022 (Corrected)
    document Header 09-06-2022 (Corrected)
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-24-2022
    document Header 08-24-2022
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-19-2022 Special Meeting
    document Header 08-19-2022 Special Meeting
    Presentation/Discussion of Water, Sewer, and Garbage Rates
  • 08-19-2022 Cancellation Notice - Special Meeting
    document Header 08-19-2022 Cancellation Notice - Special Meeting
    Special Meeting Cancelled
  • 08-09-22  & 08-24-22 Notice of Change to August Meetings
    document Header 08-09-22  & 08-24-22 Notice of Change to August Meetings
    Notice of Reg. Council Mtgs. Changed 8/2 to 8/9 & 8/16 to 8/24
  • 08-09-2022
    document Header 08-09-2022
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 07-26-2022 Amended
    document Header 07-26-2022 Amended
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 07-19-2022 - Notice of Change to July 19 Meeting
    document Header 07-19-2022 - Notice of Change to July 19 Meeting
    Notice for City Council Meeting Change 7-19-2022 to 7-26-2022
  • 07-18-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum
    document Header 07-18-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum
    Kilgore Street Groundbreaking
  • 07-11-2022 Notice of Public Meeting/Joint Workshop.pdf
    document Header 07-11-2022 Notice of Public Meeting/Joint Workshop.pdf
    Portales City Council & Roosevelt County Commissioners
  • 07-11-2022 Amended Notice of Public Meeting/Joint Workshop.pdf
    document Header 07-11-2022 Amended Notice of Public Meeting/Joint Workshop.pdf
    Portales City Council & Roosevelt County Commissioners
  • 07-05-2022.pdf
    document Header 07-05-2022.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-21-2022.pdf
    document Header 06-21-2022.pdf
    Regular Meeting
  • 06-13-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum.pdf
    document Header 06-13-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum.pdf
    Communications Meeting & PSAB/Dispatch Presentation
  • 06-11-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum.pdf
    document Header 06-11-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum.pdf
    Strategic Planning Workshop
  • 06-09-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum.pdf
    document Header 06-09-2022 Notice of Potential Quorum.pdf
    Report of Findings on Behavioral Heath Feasibility Study
  • 06-07-2022.pdf
    document Header 06-07-2022.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 05-24-2022.Corrected.pdf
    document Header 05-24-2022.Corrected.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 05-23-2022 Public Hearing Interim Budget.pdf
    document Header 05-23-2022 Public Hearing Interim Budget.pdf
    Public Hearing Agenda for FY2022-2023 Interim Budget
  • 05-17-2022 - Notice of Changes to May 17 Meeting.pdf
    document Header 05-17-2022 - Notice of Changes to May 17 Meeting.pdf
    Notice for City Council Meeting Change 5-17-2022 to 5-24-2022.pdf
  • 05-10-2022 Potential Council Quorum.pdf
    document Header 05-10-2022 Potential Council Quorum.pdf
    Ribbon Cutting Portales PD-New Dispatch Center
  • 05-03-2022.pdf
    document Header 05-03-2022.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-19-2022.Amended.pdf
    document Header 04-19-2022.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-05-2022.pdf
    document Header 04-05-2022.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 03-15-2022. Amended.pdf
    document Header 03-15-2022. Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 03-01-2022.pdf
    document Header 03-01-2022.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 02-15-2022.pdf
    document Header 02-15-2022.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 02-01-2022.pdf
    document Header 02-01-2022.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-18-2022.Amended.pdf
    document Header 01-18-2022.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-04-2022.Amended.pdf
    document Header 01-04-2022.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda

2022 Minutes21 documents

  • Minutes 10-18-2022
    document Header Minutes 10-18-2022
  • Minutes 10-04-2022
    document Header Minutes 10-04-2022
  • Minutes 09-20-2022
    document Header Minutes 09-20-2022
  • Minutes 09-06-2022
    document Header Minutes 09-06-2022
  • Minutes 08-24-2022
    document Header Minutes 08-24-2022
  • Minutes 08-09-2022
    document Header Minutes 08-09-2022
  • Minutes 07-26-2022
    document Header Minutes 07-26-2022
  • Minutes 07-11-2022 Joint City County Meeting
    document Header Minutes 07-11-2022 Joint City County Meeting
  • Minutes 07-05-2022
    document Header Minutes 07-05-2022
  • Minutes 06-21-2022
    document Header Minutes 06-21-2022
  • Minutes 06-07-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 06-07-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 05-24-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-24-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 05-03-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-03-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 04-19-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-19-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 04-05-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-05-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 03-15-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-15-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 03-01-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-01-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 02-15-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 02-15-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 02-01-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 02-01-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 01-18-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-18-2022.pdf
  • Minutes 01-04-2022.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-04-2022.pdf

2021 Agendas & Minutes61 documents

2021 Agendas37 documents

  • 12-15-2021.pdf
    document Header 12-15-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 12-15-2021 Change to December Meeting 12-21-2021.pdf
    document Header 12-15-2021 Change to December Meeting 12-21-2021.pdf
    Notice for City Council Meeting Change 12-21-2021 to 12-15-2021
  • 12-07-2021.pdf
    document Header 12-07-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 11-23-2021 Meeting Changes to November Meeting.pdf
    document Header 11-23-2021 Meeting Changes to November Meeting.pdf
    11-23-2021 Regular Meeting Changed to 11-16-2021
  • 11-16-2021.pdf
    document Header 11-16-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 11-16-2021 Public Hearing on Redistricting.pdf
    document Header 11-16-2021 Public Hearing on Redistricting.pdf
    11-16-2021 Redistricting 2021 Agenda
  • 11-09-2021.pdf
    document Header 11-09-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-26-2021.pdf
    document Header 10-26-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-12-2021.pdf
    document Header 10-12-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-05-2021.pdf
    document Header 10-05-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-05-2021 Cancellation of Regular Meeting.pdf
    document Header 10-05-2021 Cancellation of Regular Meeting.pdf
    Regular Meeting 10-05-2021 Cancelled
  • 09-21-2021.pdf
    document Header 09-21-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 09-07-2021.pdf
    document Header 09-07-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-31-2021 Potential Quorum.pdf
    document Header 08-31-2021 Potential Quorum.pdf
    08-31-2021 thru 09-03-2021 NMML Annual Conference
  • 08-24-2021.pdf
    document Header 08-24-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-21-2021 Potential Quorum.pdf
    document Header 08-21-2021 Potential Quorum.pdf
    Strategic Planning Workshop
  • 08-17-2021 Meeting Changes to August Meeting.pdf
    document Header 08-17-2021 Meeting Changes to August Meeting.pdf
    08-17-2021 Regular Meeting Changed to 08-24-2021
  • 08-12-2021 Potential Quorum.pdf
    document Header 08-12-2021 Potential Quorum.pdf
    Eastern NM Water Utility Authority Finished Water Three Groundbreaking
  • 08-03-2021.pdf
    document Header 08-03-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 07-20-2021.pdf
    document Header 07-20-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 07-06-2021.pdf
    document Header 07-06-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-22-2021.pdf
    document Header 06-22-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-08-2021.pdf
    document Header 06-08-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-01-2021 Changes to June Meetings.pdf
    document Header 06-01-2021 Changes to June Meetings.pdf
    06-01 & 06-15-2021 Changed to 06-08 & 06-22-2021
  • 05-25-2021.Amended.pdf
    document Header 05-25-2021.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 05-18-2021 Meeting Changes to May Meeting.pdf
    document Header 05-18-2021 Meeting Changes to May Meeting.pdf
    05-18-2021 Regular Meeting Changed to 05-25-2021
  • 05-04-2021.pdf
    document Header 05-04-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-20-2021.Re-Amended.pdf
    document Header 04-20-2021.Re-Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-16-2021 Potential Quorum (Zoom-Virtual).pdf
    document Header 04-16-2021 Potential Quorum (Zoom-Virtual).pdf
    NMML Virtual Distircts Meeting
  • 04-15-2021 Potential Quorum (In Person & Virtual).pdf
    document Header 04-15-2021 Potential Quorum (In Person & Virtual).pdf
    Roos. Co. Chamber of Commerce Legislative Wrap-up
  • 04-06-2021.pdf
    document Header 04-06-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 03-16-2021.Amended-Changed.pdf
    document Header 03-16-2021.Amended-Changed.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 03-02-2021.Amended.pdf
    document Header 03-02-2021.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 02-16-2021.pdf
    document Header 02-16-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 02-02-2021.pdf
    document Header 02-02-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-19-2021.pdf
    document Header 01-19-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-05-2021.pdf
    document Header 01-05-2021.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda

2021 Minutes24 documents

  • Minutes 12-15-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 12-15-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 12-07-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 12-07-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 11-16-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 11-16-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 11-09-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 11-09-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 10-26-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 10-26-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 10-12-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 10-12-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 09-21-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 09-21-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 09-07-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 09-07-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 08-24-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-24-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 08-03-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-03-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 07-20-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 07-20-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 07-06-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 07-06-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 06-22-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 06-22-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 06-08-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 06-08-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 05-25-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-25-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 05-04-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-04-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 04-20-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-20-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 04-06-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-06-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 03-16-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-16-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 03-02-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-02-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 02-16-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 02-16-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 02-02-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 02-02-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 01-19-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-19-2021.pdf
  • Minutes 01-05-2021.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-05-2021.pdf

2020 Agendas & Minutes52 documents

2020 Agendas30 documents

  • 12-15-2020.pdf
    document Header 12-15-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 12-01-2020.pdf
    document Header 12-01-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 11-17-2020.pdf
    document Header 11-17-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 11-17-2020.Cancellation of Regular Meeting.pdf
    document Header 11-17-2020.Cancellation of Regular Meeting.pdf
    Regular Meeting 11-17-2020 Cancelled
  • 11-05-2020.Cancellation of Regular Meeting.pdf
    document Header 11-05-2020.Cancellation of Regular Meeting.pdf
    Regular Meeting 11-05-2020 Cancelled
  • 11-03-2020 Changes to November Meetings.pdf
    document Header 11-03-2020 Changes to November Meetings.pdf
    Notice of Changes to Public Meeting Schedule 11-05-2020 & 11-17-2020
  • 10-20-2020.pdf
    document Header 10-20-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-06-2020.Revised.pdf
    document Header 10-06-2020.Revised.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 09-15-2020.pdf
    document Header 09-15-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 09-01-2020.pdf
    document Header 09-01-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-18-2020.pdf
    document Header 08-18-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-04-2020.pdf
    document Header 08-04-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 07-28-2020.Special Meeting.pdf
    document Header 07-28-2020.Special Meeting.pdf
    Special Public Meeting Agenda
  • 07-21-2020,pdf
    document Header 07-21-2020,pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 07-07-2020.pdf
    document Header 07-07-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-16-2020.pdf
    document Header 06-16-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-02-2020.pdf
    document Header 06-02-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 05-19-2020.pdf
    document Header 05-19-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 05-05-2020.pdf
    document Header 05-05-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-21-2020.Amended.pdf
    document Header 04-21-2020.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-08-2020.Special Meeting.pdf
    document Header 04-08-2020.Special Meeting.pdf
    04-08-2020 Special Meeting Agenda
  • 04-07-2020.Cancellation of Regular Meeting.pdf
    document Header 04-07-2020.Cancellation of Regular Meeting.pdf
    Regular Meeting 04-07-2020 Cancelled
  • 03-24-2020.Special Meeting.pdf
    document Header 03-24-2020.Special Meeting.pdf
    Special Public Meeting Agenda 03-24-2020
  • 03-24-2020.Cancellation of Special Meeting.pdf
    document Header 03-24-2020.Cancellation of Special Meeting.pdf
    Special Meeting 03-24-2020 Cancelled
  • 03-17-2020.pdf
    document Header 03-17-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 03-03-2020.pdf
    document Header 03-03-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 02-18-2020.Amended.pdf
    document Header 02-18-2020.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-28-2020.Corrected.pdf
    document Header 01-28-2020.Corrected.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-10-2020.pdf
    document Header 01-10-2020.pdf
    Notice of Changes to Jan & Feb Public Meeting Schedule
  • 01-07-2020.pdf
    document Header 01-07-2020.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda

2020 Minutes22 documents

  • Minutes 12-15-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 12-15-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 12-01-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 12-01-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 10-20-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 10-20-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 10-06-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 10-06-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 09-15-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 09-15-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 09-01-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 09-01-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 08-18-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-18-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 08-04-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-04-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 07-28-2020.Special Meeting.pdf
    document Header Minutes 07-28-2020.Special Meeting.pdf
  • Minutes 07-21-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 07-21-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 07-07-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 07-07-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 06-16-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 06-16-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 06-02-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 06-02-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 05-19-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-19-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 05-05-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-05-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 04-21-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-21-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 04-08-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-08-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 03-17-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-17-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 03-03-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-03-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 02-18-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 02-18-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 01-28-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-28-2020.pdf
  • Minutes 01-07-2020.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-07-2020.pdf

2019 Agenda & Minutes56 documents

2019 Agendas31 documents

  • 12-17-2019.pdf
    document Header 12-17-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 12-03-2019.Revised.pdf
    document Header 12-03-2019.Revised.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 11-19-2019.pdf
    document Header 11-19-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 11-05-2019.pdf
    document Header 11-05-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-15-2019.Corrected.pdf
    document Header 10-15-2019.Corrected.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-01-2019.pdf
    document Header 10-01-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 09-17-2019.pdf
    document Header 09-17-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 09-03-2019.pdf
    document Header 09-03-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-20-2019.pdf
    document Header 08-20-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-16-2019.ICIP Public Hearing.pdf
    document Header 08-16-2019.ICIP Public Hearing.pdf
    Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan Public Hearing Agenda
  • 08-06-2019.Amended.pdf
    document Header 08-06-2019.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-02-2019.Special Meeting.Corrected-Amended.pdf
    document Header 08-02-2019.Special Meeting.Corrected-Amended.pdf
    Special Public Meeting Agenda
  • 07-23-2019.Amended.pdf
    document Header 07-23-2019.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 07-09-2019.pdf
    document Header 07-09-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-18-2019.Amended.pdf
    document Header 06-18-2019.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-04-2019.Cancellation.pdf
    document Header 06-04-2019.Cancellation.pdf
    Notice of Cancellation of 06-04-2019 Regular Mtg.
  • 05-21-2019.Amended.pdf
    document Header 05-21-2019.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 05-07-2019.pdf
    document Header 05-07-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-17-2019.Public Hearing.pdf
    document Header 04-17-2019.Public Hearing.pdf
    CDBG Public Hearing Agenda
  • 04-16-2019.Amended.pdf
    document Header 04-16-2019.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-15-2019.Public Hearing.pdf
    document Header 04-15-2019.Public Hearing.pdf
    CDBG Public Hearing Agenda
  • 04-02-2019.pdf
    document Header 04-02-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 03-19-2019.pdf
    document Header 03-19-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 03-05-2019.Corrected.pdf
    document Header 03-05-2019.Corrected.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 02-21-2019.pdf
    document Header 02-21-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 02-19-2019.Cancellation.pdf
    document Header 02-19-2019.Cancellation.pdf
    Notice of Cancellation of 02-19-2019 Regular Mtg.
  • 02-05-2019.pdf
    document Header 02-05-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-27-2019 Potential Council Quorum.pdf
    document Header 01-27-2019 Potential Council Quorum.pdf
    1-27 to 1-29-2019 (Clovis/Portales Legislative Dinner) Santa Fe
  • 01-22-2019.pdf
    document Header 01-22-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-08-2019.pdf
    document Header 01-08-2019.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-07-2019.Public Hearing.pdf
    document Header 01-07-2019.Public Hearing.pdf
    ADA Transition Plan Public Hearing

2019 Minutes25 documents

  • Minutes 12-17-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 12-17-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 12-03-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 12-03-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 11-19-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 11-19-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 11-05-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 11-05-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 10-15-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 10-15-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 10-01-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 10-01-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 09-17-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 09-17-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 09-03-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 09-03-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 08-20-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-20-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 08-16-2019.Public Hearing.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-16-2019.Public Hearing.pdf
  • Minutes 08-06-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-06-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 08-02-2019.Special.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-02-2019.Special.pdf
  • Minutes 07-23-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 07-23-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 07-09-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 07-09-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 06-18-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 06-18-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 05-21-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-21-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 05-07-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-07-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 04-16-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-16-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 04-02-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-02-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 03-19-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-19-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 03-05-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-05-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 02-21-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 02-21-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 02-05-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 02-05-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 01-22-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-22-2019.pdf
  • Minutes 01-08-2019.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-08-2019.pdf

2018 Agendas & Minutes48 documents

2018 Agendas26 documents

  • 12-28-2018 and 12-31-2018.Re-Corrected.pdf
    document Header 12-28-2018 and 12-31-2018.Re-Corrected.pdf
    CDBG Public Hearing Agendas
  • 12-18-2018.pdf
    document Header 12-18-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 12-04-2018.Corrected.pdf
    document Header 12-04-2018.Corrected.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 11-20-2018.Cancellation.pdf
    document Header 11-20-2018.Cancellation.pdf
    Notice of Cancellation of 11-20-2018 Regular Mtg.
  • 11-06-2018.Amended.pdf
    document Header 11-06-2018.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 10-16-2018.pdf
    document Header 10-16-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 09-25-2018.pdf
    document Header 09-25-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 09-11-2018.Amended.pdf
    document Header 09-11-2018.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-27-2018.pdf
    document Header 08-27-2018.pdf
    Notice of Changes to September Public Meeting Schedule
  • 08-21-2018.pdf
    document Header 08-21-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-07-2018.pdf
    document Header 08-07-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 08-07-2018 ICIP Public Hearing.pdf
    document Header 08-07-2018 ICIP Public Hearing.pdf
    Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan Public Hearing Agenda
  • 07-24-2018.Amended.pdf
    document Header 07-24-2018.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 07-10-2018.pdf
    document Header 07-10-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-19-2018.Amended.pdf
    document Header 06-19-2018.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 06-05-2018.pdf
    document Header 06-05-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 05-22-2018.pdf
    document Header 05-22-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 05-08-2018.Corrected.pdf
    document Header 05-08-2018.Corrected.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-17-2018.pdf
    document Header 04-17-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 04-03-2018.pdf
    document Header 04-03-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 03-20-2018.Corrected.pdf
    document Header 03-20-2018.Corrected.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 03-06-2018.pdf
    document Header 03-06-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 02-20-2018.Amended.pdf
    document Header 02-20-2018.Amended.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 02-06-2018.pdf
    document Header 02-06-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-23-2018.pdf
    document Header 01-23-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda
  • 01-09-2018.pdf
    document Header 01-09-2018.pdf
    Regular Meeting Agenda

2018 Minutes22 documents

  • Minutes 12-18-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 12-18-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 12-04-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 12-04-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 11-06-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 11-06-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 10-16-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 10-16-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 09-25-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 09-25-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 09-11-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 09-11-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 08-21-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-21-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 08-07-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 08-07-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 07-24-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 07-24-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 07-10-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 07-10-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 06-19-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 06-19-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 06-05-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 06-05-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 05-22-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-22-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 05-08-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 05-08-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 04-17-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-17-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 04-03-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 04-03-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 03-20-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-20-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 03-06-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 03-06-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 02-20-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 02-20-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 02-06-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 02-06-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 01-23-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-23-2018.pdf
  • Minutes 01-09-2018.pdf
    document Header Minutes 01-09-2018.pdf